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Do You Have A Cheating Wife? Well, Here's 8 Great Tips To Help Find Out The Truth

This is a really good article with 8 great tips, on how to catch your cheating wife and then if you want to save your marriage, you can give it a go, once you know she's cheating that is, or I suppose, even before you catch her.

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Gotcha! 8 Tips For Catching a Cheating Wife

A hunch probably won't cut it because even psychics won't be able to tell for sure whether your wife is cheating on you or just having a bad day. But if you must know for sure (and you should) before you make any drastic decisions regarding your marriage, you'll have to first determine whether your hunch is correct. Here are 8 ways you can catch a cheating wife without relying on your sixth sense:

Check her phone records.

If she's been carrying on an affair using her cellphone, chances are she might have called the other guy. Look for strange numbers that tend to repeat themselves. Be careful, though. These numbers might belong to any one of her friends, relatives or colleagues. Worse, they could even be her boss'. Practice prudence so you don't embarrass yourself or cause some uncomfortable incident.

Surprise her at the office or your home.

If she says she's doing overtime, then she should be at the office, right? Why not drop in one time bringing her favorite doughnut or pasta or flowers? If you suspect she's bringing her lover to your house, come home early - surprisingly early and catch her at it.

Check her Internet usage.

About 30% of people who use the Internet to browse personals are married. Although most of them are men, there are also those actively looking who are married women.

You could check the history of your wife's Internet usage but if she's clever enough to erase it, try a sneaky device such as a keylogger and see what she's been up to lately.

Catch her in her sleep.

If she's a sleeptalker, you might be able to get bits and pieces now and then. Be warned, though. Dreams have a strange way of skewing things. If she was saying the name Kevin last night, she might be having one of those dreams again of Kevin Bacon which, all things considered, is really harmless.

Use a reverse number lookup service.

You'll have to pay a phone directory company for this but this will help determine where those mysterious phone calls (and bills) are being directed to. Although this can be effective in some cases, it may not always work, particularly if the phone number is not listed. Only a number listed publicly may be traced using this method, which means you probably won't locate someone whose cellphone number appeared in your phone bill.

Follow her.

There are laws about stalking but if there's one incident that you feel needs your action, then go and do it. Just be prepared of what you might find.

Check your wife's E-Pass record.

Your wife's E-Pass record can be a good source of proof if she's been cheating on you. If she's meeting a paramour someplace else and has to drive through a toll booth to get there, you can use her E-Pass Record against her.

There's a catch, though. To obtain these records, they have to be subpoenaed, which means in case of divorce proceedings, they will come in handy.

If all else fails...

Hire a private detective. The TV show 'Cheaters' has opened many married and involved couples to the possibilities presented by hidden cams and video surveillance in the fight to preserve the integrity of a relationship and save someone's pride (in a way). If you suspect your wife is cheating on you and she's too clever to get caught, it's probably time to leave matters in the hands of the pros.

It will cost you, though. Private eyes charge by the hour and often, surveillance can take a while before sufficient evidence is gathered to convince you that you have a cheating wife. To catch her, a detective might need several days to several weeks to produce video, audio or photo evidence.

Mark started How To Catch a Cheating Wife on the 7/10/05. A friend of He's asked if he could look up how to catch a cheating wife on the computer. He said Kris was not quite being her self for the last 6 months. Turned out Adam's wife was cheating with his daughter's friends Mum. HE never ever would have pick it he said, So there you go.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Female Cheating Stories Reveal 6 Ways To Stop Your Wife's Infidelity

A good how to stop your cheating wife article by John.

Female Cheating Stories Reveal 6 Ways To Stop Your Wife's Infidelity

Do you think your wife is cheating on you? Have you found the signs of infidelity within your home, on her clothing or in her vehicle? Maybe you are not really sure about the issue of your cheating wife, yet something seems to be missing in your marital relationship. Do you know that the leading cause of a married woman having an affair is directly linked to the way she feels? Does she seem to be unhappy in your relationship? Are you meeting her emotional needs as well as all her other needs within the relationship you share together? If you are wondering if your wife is cheating on you or you have found some type of tale tell sign of infidelity, more than likely your wife is cheating on you. Are you confused about what to do about your marriage?

Well, the news is out. There are female cheating stories that reveal to you 6 ways to stop your wife's infidelity. Upon revealing some of their secrets other females, cheating wives are offering men an opportunity to learn how, what, where and why they had the affairs of infidelity to their marriage and to their husbands. If you want to stop your wife's infidelity you may want to pay close attention. In order to stop your wife from cheating on you there are a few things you can do to encourage her to be honest, truthful and faithful to you and your vows of marriage.

1. When you want to stop your wife from cheating on you, you will need to pay her a bit more attention. For instance, you should be more interested in the things she says while talking to you. One example is to turn off anything that may be competing with what she is saying when talking to you. Turn off the radio or the television if that is what you are doing when she tries to gain your attention. She will be surprise; however she will be flattered as well when you do this. You enjoy having someone's full attention when you converse with them, she will as well when you do it for her.

2. Plan a weekly date night so you two can get out of the house and enjoy yourself. Make sure that you plan for a babysitter if you need one. Take the time you need to plan out your date, just like you did in the beginning of your relationship.

3. Admire her and let her know that you think she is beautiful, entertaining, intelligent and wonderful to behold. Let her know you enjoy her company and want to spend more time with her.

4. Tell her openly how much she really means to you. Do this daily. Tell her how much you appreciate all those little things she does for you, even those which are mundane. If you have children, let her know that you think she is a good mother to your children. Do this every chance you can get. Just let her know that she is special and that you adore having her in your life.

5. Help her when she needs you. You should already be helping her with the household duties since you live there too, however many men feel like if they work all day in the office or field that they do not have a need to do housework or chores. You can help with the dishes, vacuuming the carpets and even dusting. Be sure to help her when she is carrying things or moving furniture. Offer to watch the children so she can enjoy some alone time or do something that she finds exciting or special.

6. Give her lots of affection. Hold her hand, brush the hair from her face and hold her when she needs you to do so. When you are talking with one another touch her arm or hand and make sure you offer her a lot of great hugs and togetherness. Listen to your intuition or gut feelings about how you might be able to show her that you do love her and want to be with her.

Hopefully these pointers provide you with some valuable insights that you can use as a start.

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